By Regina Fabularum

Regina Fabularum is a student at St Scholastica's College, Manila

Searching for a Best Friend

Since I started studying at SSC, I’ve been searching for a ‘best friend,’ meaning … a person who would always be there for me especially when I’d have problems, who would accept me for who I am, who would listen to my stories truthfully, who would make me happy if I was in a bad mood, who would guide and protect me from danger, who would understand my feelings and who would love me. I might have had friends, but not the kind of friend I was looking for.

My Acquaintances

When I was in first year, we were four in our barkada, if I could call it such. Maybe they were just acquaintances during break times. I wasn’t able to picture real friendship with them. When I was in second year, I found another set of friends. We were three in the barkada, which I called at the time. But now I don’t know. We were happy with each other because we were only three. Perhaps, the fewer, the closer and so the better. We were called the ‘Powerpuff Girls’ because we were inseparable. My closest friend was ‘Blossom,’ for she wanted pink. My coolest friend was ‘Bubbles,’ for she wanted blue, and I was ‘Buttercup,’ for I wanted green. This was the greatest barkada I found so far in my present school. I thought they would be my best friends, but that didn’t last. The ‘Powerpuff Girls,’ who were known as inseparable before, parted ways last year. ‘Bubbles’ joined the barkada of her best friend, and ‘Blossom’ found a new best friend. I was left with no one. Sometimes I felt discriminated against, unloved and left out. That’s why I kept on praying to God our Father to send me a best friend.



All I prayed for was granted except for the best friend I’d been longing for. I got high grades in academics. I won a quiz bee. My family was at peace. But still I couldn’t find the best friend I’d longed for. I thought of all that had happened in my life. I realized that my life had been wonderful. Despite the many pains I’d encountered, I found hope. I recalled being confined in hospital in a critical condition. We all prayed together for my recovery, and our prayers were heard. After five days I was cured. I was very thankful to God the Father and to Jesus our Savior. I also remembered when I almost died because of a toothache. I prayed to the Santo Niño to help me recover. After I prayed, the pain had gone.

With my memories, I wondered who was behind these acts of kindness, who was always there for me, who was solving my problems, who was protecting me, who was listening to my emotions, and who was loving me. Then I realized that it’s no other than Jesus who had been my best friend since I was a child. It was just that I hadn’t noticed it.

My Best Friend

When I found my best friend Jesus, I started telling him my daily stories. I always trust him and lift up to him my worries. He always helps me and guides me wherever I am. He always makes me happy. I’m contented having him as a best friend. Jesus could be your best friend too if you really wish. Jesus is my best friend, and he is the best friend of all for he is a friend forever. Remember, ‘Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever’ (Heb 13:8).

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