Another reader from St Scholastica's College, Manila, sent a letter to your editor expressing her gratitude for the lessons she learned from our stories in Misyon.

I thought Misyon was just another magazine to be kept in the school bag for the rest of the school year. But after scanning its pages, I found the articles, the layout and the letters from the readers very inviting. I knew I should read the magazine to find out what is in it that could be more fulfilling than the cool pictures and colorful backgrounds.

After reading some articles in the July-August 2005 edition, some of the feelings that the writers expressed really account for what I also feel every time I have experiences similar to theirs. Their experiences with God were all pure and anyone could tell it all came from their hearts. All of them came to the point of fulfilling great and wonderful works for the people that can really affect many lives, not only of those whom they help, but also those who are inspired by their stories.

I read the articles on World Youth Day. Claire Dulac, April Reyes, and Mitzi Ramos shared touching quotes from the Pope, not to mention their own personal experience of him. For me, it all comes from the Pope’s words of wisdom, which I’m sure were spoken with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Maybe it’s what makes everything complete.

From these articles I learned that the days spent with the Pope and with other youths were most fulfilling, and it is more wonderful when you find out that you have been with God and Jesus the whole time, knowing that someone is watching over you and sharing your laughter and tears every step of the way.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share in your mission, and tell others about it through your magazine. More power!

Yours with all sincerity,
Maria Victoria V. Castaño
St Scholastica’s College, Manila