New in Zambia

By: Sr. M. Stephanina
My Story
It was a fine day when we landed at Lusaka airport. The provincial of the Saharan priests together with the priest met us. He took us to a simple house, six kilometers from the city,. Our house is a low cost house but we like in because it is just like the dwelling place of and ordinary Zambian and therefore puts in solidarity with the local people.

Lusaka is a lovely place, quite, scenic, conductive to convent life. The people are united, no tribal clashes as in so many other African countries. The president of Zambia declared this nation a Christian country.

Long is Good
There are lots of other Christians as well as Catholics Inculturation is being implemented in our churches and mind you it’s very meaningful. Our mass is celebrated with dancing and last for more that two hours. For the Zambian the longer the liturgy the better it is. Once I asked why the Holy Mass is so long the answer was this: “We walked for may miles to attend the mass, why can’t we stay longer to worships God on this day, longer than the hours we have walked. “This gave me jolt because when I was in Manila, I did not like to attend mass when it was longer than one hour. But for the Zambians the longer the sermons the better, because for them listening ti the word of God is the best event of the day Sunday.

Black is Beautiful
We have set up and internal distribution center for our publications. Priest, sisters and laity are coming over to our place to get books, they are hungry for good books. Wherever we go we are welcomed with a friendly gesture. Our people have beautiful dark faced and lovely kinky hair. Black is beautiful as the saying goes.