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Life as I Live it

By Claudette I. Galacgac

The author finished her Bachelor of Arts in English, major in Language at the University of South Eastern Philippines in Davao City. Claudette has been involved in campus journalism since high school. Here, she shared how reading an article in Misyon has touched her and has made her look back her experiences too.

Upon reading the article Dealing Positively with Life Despite Uncertainties (Misyon, September-October 2012), I could say that I have wasted my time grieving over silly and petty matters. Unlike the author, I don’t have a disability affecting any aspect of my life, only financial instability. Ric is a polio victim but he has managed to keep a positive outlook on life which has led him to where he is now. The story of his life somehow changed my perspective.

Your Turn

The Day I Bargained with God

By Grace Christine Bañez

When I was reviewing for the nursing board examination in 1993 I felt so unprepared that tension started to build up in my system. My friends and I went to church almost every day. We prayed the rosary and all the novenas which we believed would help us to pass and overcome all the challenges that would come our way.

Mind you, my scores in our practice tests barely reached 70 per cent, so how could I expect to pass the board with its passing rate of 75 per cent? I’d heard some of my friends phoning their parents, expressing their anxiety. Some of the parents told their children to just do their best and that they would support them no matter what the result might be. That made my friends feel less tense but for me it was a different picture. When I called my Mom to tell her about my scores, she pleadingly told me that I had to pass the board exam since, if I failed, we didn’t have much money to spend. She was building a house at the time.

Here are two comments posted recently on Misyon Online Forum.

Fr Oliver Mc Crossan’s article, Masipag and the International Year of Biodiversity, appeared in our July-August 2010 issue. Jessica M. Maglunob posted this comment on 7 May this year.

Dear Father Oli, I have been very lucky to visit this farm and training center in Bukidnon in May 2011, and I feel that I have not thanked you enough for accommodating me and my niece Tina. The cool climate in Bukidnon is quite ideal for the farm; our farm here in Occidental Mindoro is too dry especially during the summer. I get so frustrated. I hope that during the rainy months I could just stay in our small farm and plant vegetables for our consumption. Our farm is surrounded by a brackish creek and I don't know if it could still be saved from the salty water that intrudes little by little. I just hope that there will be a sufficient supply of drinking water for all of us as the sea keeps on rising. Let us just pray that the devastation of our natural resources will not come all at once. I am afraid for the next generation. God bless you and your continuing commitment to help our poor! Jing



Misyon Really Inspires Me!

By Maricar Garces

Misyon really inspires me.

I’m very sad to hear that you are no longer printing the magazine! I've been searching for you all over the internet and am very interested in being a member! I love reading stories from your Columban missionaries because they inspire me a lot! I feel that our Lord is beside me when I read these articles!  I’ve kept a copy of the March-April 2002 issue of  Misyon. Even though it’s not the latest, the stories refresh me each time I read them. It’s very inspiring.

Greetings from Redemptorist Youth Mission, Iligan!

by Pebbles

Hello Sister Marie Paul... I was really excited when a friend told me that he read your article, From Iligan to Vilvoorde, online. He too, like you has the desire to be a religious and is now an aspirant with the Redemptorists.

Dear Editor

I' m an avid reader of your magazine, When I feel troubled or feel a dryness in my faith I always open your magazine and re-read all my favorite inspiring stories from past issues. I found a friend in your magazine and send him an email when I have a problem or need advice. He is Fr Chris Saenz.

Response to Who Will Console Consuelo?

By Lucille Arcedas

I have just read the article Who Will Console Consuelo? and it really touched me. There are many Consuelos around but sometimes I fail to recognize them because self-righteousness dominates me.

I once asked Miladdie, who served in the prison apostolate in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental, where we are both from, if she wasn’t afraid of the prisoners. She told to me how nice these people are.

Touching Lives

By Ching Mendoza

I am a lady engineer presently working in a private construction firm here in Manila. When I started reading Misyon I thought it was just the usual magazine with uninteresting stuff. But as I turned the pages, I could not help but read it from cover to cover. I was touched by the efforts and sacrifices of missionaries just to spread the Good news of God. This magazine is definitely one of the best I've come across. I hope and pray that you will continue to touch lives, especially those who are far from home and family and whose spiritual guidance is really much needed.