Hidden Away in Argentina

Far away in Argentina, in Latin America, four Filipina Sisters will celebrate Christmas on their knees before the Blessed Sacrament. They belong to the group popularly known as the Pink sisters not because of their politics but because pink habit they wear. They live a hidden life but I’m sure they will forgive me for sharing a little bit of their letters to us.

Like the Little Flower
They are contemplative sisters. It is through prayer, silence, meditation and loving community sharing that they step into the Presence of God and ask help for the whole Church especially the missionaries: “Without leaving the cloister, like the little flower, we try to reach out to all the mission territories of he world through our prayer and sacrifices. Our Blessed Founder entrusted to us a special obligation: to pray for the priest and candidates to the priesthood. In the first place of course we support the missionary activities of our SVD Fathers and out Missionary Sisters SSpS through our prayer.” Said Sr. Mary Reparatrix.

Also Touch the Poor
However, eventhough they were enclosed in a convent, Sr. Mary Reparatrix added, “We also assist the many poor people who come to the door begging for bread and used clothing. Daily we share our bread with the poor who come to us, and we also assure a special remembrance in our prayers to all those who ask for them.”

SCA Long Ago!
One of them, Sr. Mary Christofilde, got the seed of her vocation while working a member of Student Catholic Action in Manila with Fr. Michael Nolan of the Columban Fathers. She says, “My spiritual Director now is Fr. William Peelo. He is assigned here in Cordova for 4 years, after that only God knows where he will be sent next. Lately he finds the job too much for two priests imagine taking care of 45,000 people in our parish, that means for each of them 22,500 people to take care of! But this is something not unusual here in Argentina, because the shortage of priests. Do you have any Columban Fathers here? Argentina needs missionaries like you. I wonder if parish work is part of your apostolate. The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few!”

The Better Part
From their cloister the Sisters’ prayers to go around the world and the word of Jesus to “Martha has chosen the better part and it shall not be taken away from her.”


“Without leaving the cloister like the little flower, we try to reach out to all the Mission territories of the world.’