If you have the Faith of the Mustard Seed

By Sr. Amelia Bublo, SSpS
Filipino Missionary

Encarnacion, Paraguay

I left for Paraguay in the year of the Philippines Liberation from Martial Law. What has been published in newspapers and magazines about the Filipinos finding identity is really true. Maybe the Asian features were very prominent here on the other side of the world because upon knowing that   I am a Filipino, some people would ask: “Sister please pray for me… for my husband…and for my son… I believe that EDSA REVOLUTION, Filipinos have become known as a people of deep faith.
This is the way I see it.

Laying on of Hands
Through contact with the people, the Lord has led me to discover a new ministry- that of PRAYING AND LAYING ON OF HANDS. One day the sister I leave with asked me to accompany her to visit a family friend. The first greeting of the woman when we entered the house was: “How lucky we are to have visitors like you. My father is sick!” My fellow sisters introduced me as a Filipino sister who will be working here in Paraguay. Spontaneously I went near his bed and laid my hands on him then I prayed for the Holy Spirit’s presence. In the room with only a candle light, I heard just a faint sob and the word “Gracias hermana”.

Now Sitting Up
The following morning, my fellow sister related to me with joy in her voice that she received good news from the daughter of the old man whom we had visited – that her father could already take food and could sit up in his bed. “Gracias A Dios” I said.

Tears in her Eyes
Some weeks later, my sister informed me that a woman with her sick child was waiting for me in the chapel. She asked that I pray for her. With tears in her eyes, she started to relate that her husband went away with another woman and left her three children. Now the youngest got sick and longs for her father. I told her that we would pray to the Holy Spirit to enlighten her husband and also for the frail child in her arms. I promised to visit them.

Running with Joy
Almost a month had passed before I remembered my promise. One afternoon I went to their house. To my surprise, at the door, “la Señora” meet me with a big smile and then Marlene her daughter, came running, full of joy and healthy, showing me her father who had come back!


My Secret Treasure
There are many instances wherein the Holy Spirit has gifted with his healing presence those who believe in Him. But the thing that I treasure most from those who have asked for prayers is their faith in God and their trust in a Filipino Missionary.