Is it okay to stop my rosary in the middle and then just continue with it later? Last night I was praying the rosary but I started dozing off. So I stopped, busied myself with some paperwork, and then went back to my rosary. As a child my Lola told me the rosary, once halted, loses its meaning.

Why do many parents read bed-time stories to their children or sing lullabies? Isn’t it to help them fall restfully asleep so that they’ll waken up refreshed next morning? What better way to fall asleep than reflecting on the life of Jesus Christ, which is what the rosary is!

My late father, after the death of my mother, used to fall asleep praying the rosary. One of the graces of the rosary is that we can divide it up, praying one mystery at a time. We can spread the five mysteries over the day. I’m sure your Lola was very close to our Blessed Mother and her Divine Son, but any prayer from the heart retains its meaning, even if we fall asleep. Did your Lola cease to love you when you were asleep?

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