They also Serve Who Operate Computers

By: Sr. Rosalinda Argosino, SSpS

Tied to the Desk
I am not in the frontier mission, but belong to the group whom Fr. Wens Padilla, CICM of Mongolia described as follows: “Some of us have to do our mission work chained to a desk.” (cf. July-August. 1991 issue of MISYON). As “computer manager” on our Generalate in Rome I spend most of my time in front of a Computer - teaching other Sisters how to use our Microvax System or a personal computer. I also gather data for our general Administrator, prepare documents for publication, write simple procedures for our needs and answers the call for help of any computer users in trouble.

Small Escape
Last year when I did not have much work, I joined some activities of the Filipino  migrant workers who came to out chapel for the Eucharist  on Sunday afternoons or served meals to the poor and refugees in the Mensas of Caritas or St. Egidio Community. This year however, I have been fully occupied with computers.

Five Languages
This assignment has given me the opportunity to work closely with the sisters from different countries, especially when there are International assemblies like our General Chapter or the Assembly of Provincial Treasurers. In our Rome community there are 58 Sister presenting 15 nationalities. Of these 31 are using computers while 4 are still learning. These numbers change often because of the fast turn-over of studying sisters and the secretarial staff, I use languages in helping computers users – English, German, Spanish and Italian , sometimes mixed with body language when we could not understand each other, so that makes.

Centre of World Wide Commitment
As a tourists came to Rome, so traveling missionaries and people who work with our sisters all over the world also visit us. Such visits give us first hand information of the situation in today’s world as well as world – wide mission and bind us closer to all people through prayer and letters.

 Servant of the Holy Spirit
In short: praying for all people, especially those who are suffering, living in an international community and helping fellow Sisters carry out there mission with the use of computers, this are some ways I live  out my calling as servant of the Holy Spirit. There a four other Filipinas in our community: two are members of the General Administration, one is a translator and one is involved with the Filipino migrant workers.

Sr. Rosalinda Argosino was born in Lucena City, Quezon Province where she also went to school. She finished B.S. Chemical Engineering at University of Santo Tomas and taught Chemistry and Theology before entering the convent.