Here are two comments posted recently on Misyon Online Forum.

Fr Oliver Mc Crossan’s article, Masipag and the International Year of Biodiversity, appeared in our July-August 2010 issue. Jessica M. Maglunob posted this comment on 7 May this year.

Dear Father Oli, I have been very lucky to visit this farm and training center in Bukidnon in May 2011, and I feel that I have not thanked you enough for accommodating me and my niece Tina. The cool climate in Bukidnon is quite ideal for the farm; our farm here in Occidental Mindoro is too dry especially during the summer. I get so frustrated. I hope that during the rainy months I could just stay in our small farm and plant vegetables for our consumption. Our farm is surrounded by a brackish creek and I don't know if it could still be saved from the salty water that intrudes little by little. I just hope that there will be a sufficient supply of drinking water for all of us as the sea keeps on rising. Let us just pray that the devastation of our natural resources will not come all at once. I am afraid for the next generation. God bless you and your continuing commitment to help our poor! Jing


Rodelyn Bebila commented on 3 May 2010 on Richelle Verdeprado’s article, Fr Michael Sinnott: a Valentine with Faith, published in May-June 2012. Fr Sinnott (in photo on left and with Richelle below), ordained in December 1954, is retiring to Ireland this July.

Yes, I agree . . . I have read all the details in the article, which touched my heart and made me reconcile with God. In my human nature I sometimes doubt God's love and protection because of certain difficult experiences in my life. But God always seems to understand why I respond this way . . . He is a JUST God.

May you always inspire people through the many articles you publish in Misyon.