A Young Reader In Ilocos Is Inspired By An Article From A Teacher In China To Be A Catechist To Small Children In Her Own Place.

Dear Mr Nicholas Murray,

Greetings of peace and joy!

I am Donnalyne Savellano, a fourth year high school student of St Paul College of Ilocos Sur, a Catholic school.  As part of our training and formation as ‘Paulinians,’ we have Religion and Values Education as one of our major subjects.  The school also supplements this with every issue of Misyon.

As I was reading the July-August 2004 issue, I was struck by your story entitled When you learn, teach; when you get give.  Being a teacher and minister as well holds a great responsibility on your part but this does not hinder you from going from one place to another to proclaim His teachers and render service for others.

In my fifteen years of existence on earth I have witnessed the love and care of a happy family, a community and a people called together by God to serve others.  I have interacted with my classmates during class, listened to my teacher in the discussions, committed myself to various programs in school and actively participated in church activities.  These somehow contributed to my development as an individual and molded me to be a well-rounded Christian.  But it feels like I am not mature enough to face all the challenges in life as you did in your journey.  I can also say that I have touched lives of different people but not as much as you did. 

I then would like to express my desire to be your missionary partner.  As you teach students in China, I will be willing to teach little kids in our Community Extension Program in Baldi.  As you inspire others through stories of your life, I would also inspire others, especially the less fortunate, through my own simple works and deeds.  As you share your knowledge with others, I would also share with others my God-given talents, my time, treasure and all that I have.  As you act as a model for younger generations, I would also do what I can to be an exemple of Christian values.  As you sacrificed your family, I will be in solidarity with the poor.  And as you render service and availability to God, I will serve others as Jesus did in his life.  As we walk hand-in-hand towards God, may you continually help young people to be aware of today’s happenings in response to the availability for God and may you find your ministry in China more inspiring and worthwhile.  With all these, I hope to receive a reply from you soon.

God bless and more power to you as you touch the lives of others!


Your missionary partner,


Donnalyne Savellano