The World Out There

By Sr. Wilfredis Jacob, ssps

All religious orders now have some sort of an immersion program, a way of getting their postulants or applicants to see if they can survive as religious in the real world out there. Sr. Wilfredis took some photos to the immersion program in which she took part.

Sr. Elizabeth Ankrah, a young Ghanian SSpS preparing for her perpetual vows, with Sr. Wlifredis during an informal sharing session.

The exposure programme aims to let the applicants experience the reality of life with the poor.

Sr. Mercy Benson prior to her perpetual profession, with a woman fish vendor, in one of the poor areas in Accra, capital of Ghana.

Sr Wilfredis with the children taken during a free afternoon from their in live-in seminar held at Nairobi, Kenya.

A young Ghanian SSpS during her apostolic exposure