Centro Filipino di Torino

By: Lily Javier

Lily Javier is a Filipino migrant worker in Italy. She helps at a special center set up to keep the Filipinos together. Here she tells us about the Center and about one of the Filipino Missionaries (O.S.A.) who has helped to make life away from home easier for these unwilling exiles.

Disturbing News
Nearly one year and a half ago the Filipinos in Turin, especially the mothers were disturbed  upon learning that Sister  Claribelle  Jugueta, O.S.A. was going home to the Philippines, assigned to a new mission.

Marvelous Work
Sr. Claribelle was very deeply involved in her worked in “Centro Filipino di Torino” being assigned to handle “Asilo Nido”. She had done a list of noble works- counseling unwed mothers, caring for the Filipino children ranging from infancy to three years old, assisting Sister Trinidad, the head of the Center and facilitating Bible studies. Her utmost sacrifice, dedication, discipline, hardwork and genuine love of children was wonderful to see.

The Filipino Center
The “Centro Filipino di Torino” aims to recapture the hearts of the Filipino and to unite theme. The Center is open to all. At the same time it has been a refugee center. Its services are open twenty-four hours a day. It serves for festivities, conferences, celebrations of Masses, conducting classes in Italian, sewing and cooking and job placements.

Helping the Mother
Then there is the “Asilo “for Filipino mothers, unwed or wedded. They leave their children at the Asilo from morning till six or a little bit later in the evening, depending on their working hours.
We will all miss Sr. Claribelle especially the small kids who were closely attached to her. It may take time before the children can adjust. But for us who have stayed, worked, and dined with her, the laughter we have shared together, and her sweet voice, plus her gifted talents of healing will never be forgotten. We are all praying for good health, safety and protection. Congratulations Sister Claribelle on your Silver Jubilee.