Missionary Butterfly

by Fr Maurice L. Galasa CICM

Fr Maurice L. Galasa CICM is from Bontoc, Mountain Province, in northern Luzon.

One beautiful morning, while on my daily routine of gardening, a beautiful butterfly with different colors, carried by a cool wind from the east, landed on my shirt. I gazed at this magnificent creature before it flew off, again heading westward. I noticed that it landed on one flower after another. This experience led me to reflect on the CICM missionary presence here in Zambia.

Unrevealed Domestic Violence

By: Maurice L. Galasa CICM

The author is a seminarian in vows of the CICM Congregation and is working at present in Zambia. He is from Bontoc, Mountain Province.

God had sent me here to Zambia and it was indeed a wonderful experience to integrate myself with the people. I listened to their noble stories of how God is actively present in their struggles of pain. It was in listening to these that I was ‘converted’ to God and became part of their journey. An encounter with Mrs Anne Banda in one of my house visits in Bouleni, Lusaka, helped me appreciate God’s calling me to be a missionary.

My Gratitude To Columban Missionaries

By Dalisay Barrera Sena Yu

The author expresses her gratitude to Columban missionaries in Olongapo City and shares some of her experiences in Zambia, where she and her husband worked. She now works in Japan and has children in Australia and the Cayman Islands. Last year she became the proud grandmother of twin boys.

I am pleased to read your magazine as it reminds me of my happy days in Columban College, Olongapo City, where I finished my high school and college education. I was a Catechist under the Columban Fathers and an active Student Catholic Action (SCA) Cell leader when Columban Sister Una was our Spiritual adviser.  One semester she recommended me for a scholarship when I wouldn’t have been able otherwise to continue my education because my big sister was graduating from the University of the East.  My father couldn’t afford to send both of us to college at the same time.  Sister Una encouraged me to continue my studies and I was granted the scholarship because I was active in SCA and a Catechist. My Dad and Mom were so grateful to the Columban Fathers and Sisters that time.

Out In The Streets

By Father Abraham Aquino CICM

Street children are found all over the world. Most people are quick to conclude that poverty is the root cause. But if you look more deeply into the problem, you’ll find that parents are often blamed. Father Abraham, a missionary in Zambia, tells us why.

I visited the parents of a street child whom we had taken home a few months before. In the beginning, everything was going well. He was going to school. But after a while he went back on the streets. On a few occasions I tried to convince him to go home, but he refused. So I decided to find out from his mother what had happened. She told me that the child was stubborn and preferred to stay on the streets. I asked her what her plan was for him. She said, ‘Bring him to the police to be beaten so that he will learn his lesson.’ Her statement hit me like a bomb. I got angry. Is this the best a mother can think of for her child? I said ‘Goodbye’ and told her sarcastically that I’d do exactly what she had suggested.

Channel Of Peace

By Fr. Philip Yu Jr., cicm

Our seminary in Zambia is composed of small traditional huts made of mudbricks and thatched roofs. I love the work of helping to ‘form’ the young Ghana seminary but recently I have plunged into another apostolate at the side.

Be Patient with Us

By Fr. Eugene Canete, CICM

On the afternoon of December 18, 1995, I was ordained a priest in Mandaue City, Cebu, the event was like a Family Day, a grand reunion of relatives, friends and confreres. Some interpreted the occasion as standing for the missionary animation of my parish. For myself, it was more of a Thanksgiving Day for a dream come true. Truly, I thank God for all that has been in my life.

Do I Look Strange?

By Fr. Eugene Cañete, CICM

Zambian Youth

A few weeks after my arrival, I was invited by a young Zambian, the youth leader of Chibote Catholic Church, to join other youth leaders in their home visitation.

New in Zambia

By: Sr. M. Stephanina
My Story
It was a fine day when we landed at Lusaka airport. The provincial of the Saharan priests together with the priest met us. He took us to a simple house, six kilometers from the city,. Our house is a low cost house but we like in because it is just like the dwelling place of and ordinary Zambian and therefore puts in solidarity with the local people.