Revolution In Zaire (Or The Same Again?)

By Peng Reyes, cicm

Sometime ago we all watched Laurent Kabila as he advanced victoriously through Zaire and overthrew the dictator Mobutu and changed the country’s name to Congo. Fr. Peng Reyes is there now and tells us some of the inside story.

I was already at home in med-September 1996 when the Battle of the Great Lakes in Central Africa exploded. It was called the Battle of the Great Lakes because it involved at least five countries located near the great lakes of Tangayika and Victoria.

A Voice for the Voiceless

By: Fr. Melanio Viuya, Jr., CICM

Melanio Viuya was born in Tarlac, Tarlac. He joined the CICM’s and studied in Baguio and Quezon City. In this article he tells us about his mission work in Zaire as he prepares for his ordination. The strange thing is though Zaire is a fabulous wealthy country, Melanio has a different story to tell. The question is why so much poverty amidst so much wealth and what has the gospel has to say?