West Africa


‘I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.’ (Martin Luther King, 28 August 1963) [Video of full speech here. Text here.]

Martin Luther King delivered his famous ‘I have a dream speech’ in a particular context. Some southern states of the USA still practiced segregation, ie, separate facilities for white and black people, those for the latter always inferior. This had its origins in the history of slavery in the Americas, the original slaves having been brought from West Africa.

Learning New Tricks

By Sr. Ma. Lupecina N. Amamio, rvm

I have been a misyonera in two countries: Ghana, West Africa and Papua New Guinea (1991 to present). I was always assigned in the capital cities of both countries. Accra and Port Moresby respectively, where I enjoyed the ease and comforts of a metropolitan life. This year, I was summoned to answer the call to the wilds. Life has become more exciting, more challenging and more meaningful since then.

Teaching at Bema

I was asked to join the teaching staff of Bema Provincial High School. It wasn’t difficult to say yes knowing that my fellow RVM Sisters are already there since 1980. My only reservation was the means of transportation. Roads are non-existent in most parts of Papua New Guinea. The only available transports are small one-engine planes. (Which I dread most) and a tractor. Then came the day when I had to leave Port Moresby which had been my home for the previous three years. I set off by plane for Kaintaba via Kerema. At Kaintaba airstrip a tractor awaited for me and off we went to start my journey at Bema. The thick forest that I had to cross was fascinating. It was adorned with beautiful wild orchids and marvelous waterfalls. It was indeed a paradise with its fauna and flora.

We are Easter Women

By Sr. Paula Celina Mandolado RA

God, the God of the impossible

Africa at 58? God must be joking I thought, when I was asked if I want to go to the mission. Never in my 58 years had I ever entertained the idea of going to the mission or of being sent off to a far away land. I had refused offers to go abroad because I was a poor traveler. Just imagine an hour trip to Iloilo would already make me very sick. So how then can I manage the long trip from the Philippines to Africa?

Island in the Sun

By Sr. Andrea Cabunilas, AR

Bonthe, Sherbo Island was where the first Filipino Recollect Sisters went to Work. This place could be mistaken for a Filipino Town since the climate is the same as ours. The houses are not big and most of the rooves are of galvanized iron. The town is just beside the river with breakwaters or cement walls. Mangroves, coconut, palm and cotton trees grow around the town. Our means of transportation is wooden launch or speed boat.