The Street Walkers Will Go Into Heaven Before Us

By Sr. Alma Quisto, OSSR

Like Yesterday

Almost three years have gone since my passage from the Philippines to Venezuela. Yet, everything that transpired during those first few months of my stay here seemed only as if it happened yesterday.

Being a new comer, I was welcomed at our Provincial house in Caracas where I remained for eight months. Living there was great indeed inspite of the many times that I got homesick and the Spanish language was difficult for me.

Nothing to Lose

By Fr. Ignacio de Moreta, SJ

IGNACIO DE MORETA is one of 15 brothers and sisters. He was born in Manila (mother from Goa, Camarines Sur). His first mission was a twelve-year stint in Culion Leper Colony in Palawan – “That’s where I learned to be in a missionary.” Needless to say, that was quite exhausting. He was glad of a period in Venezuela. From there came the call to Ecuador where many priests had left the ministry. So it is from Equador now he writes to us and shares how the church is struggling to alleviate the poor. Ignacio has four brother priests and two (Assumption) sisters here in the Philippines.

Like in so many countries in Latin America, the Church in Ecuador must grapple with the problem of poverty. The Lord, of course, calls us to a simple lifestyle but that is far from the destitution that we see in Ecuador. This destitution cries out in heaven. We have in our own way tried to become a voice for the people. What we did was to set up a Foundation to help the poor in the suburban areas.