The Noble Aetas

An interview with Donal O’ Dea, ssc

They live in the Northern Philippines and have retained their own way of life for two thousand years despite many attempts to make them change. The catastrophic eruption of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 presented a new challenge to their existence.

“Land in the Wind”

Missionary Journey in Retrospect

By: Sr. Tess Espina, FSP

Appointed to Sabah
A few years ago, I was appointed to Sabah, in Malaysia. While waiting for the approval of my visa, I already experienced fears and anxieties. What would life be like in Sabah? A non-Christian frontier. Shall I go or not? Trusting in God’s love which is as certain as the dawn, I let go of my fears of personal inadequacies, of loneliness and hardships. I took a leap of faith and together with Sr. Margaret ventured into my new mission land SABAH, the ‘land below the wind,’ so called because it is never visited by typhoons.