Liberia Before and After the War

By: Sr. Linda Alviar, FMM’s

Liberia Land of the Free!

Over a hundred years ago the USA teamed with millions of black slaves who had been snatched from their homeland in Africa. Many of this slaves longed to go back to Africa. In 1882, two ships: the Elizabeth and the Nautilus arrived on the West coast of Africa filled with freed or run-away slaves on their long journey home. Thus was born Liberia- the land of free. It is here in Liberia that Sr. Tripila Adre, Sr. Lourdes Linda Alviar FMM Filipino missionaries, and their co- sisters struggle to bring about the beginning of the Kingdom of God.

I received this article just before the war broke out and I felt it was inappropriate to publish it at that time. Now the war is over, we publish it and a post-war article by Sr. Alviar. Many thanks to these brave and indefatigable women. [Editor]