Please Dance at My Funeral

By : Sr. Maria Mercedes Yañez, RVM

I am Sr. Maria Mercedes Yañez, an RVM sister working here in Ghana since 1984. I am from Salcedo Eastern Samar, Philippines. I am thirty six years old now. I am the hospital administrator here in St. Theresa’s Hospital, Nkoranza – a district of Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana. There are one hundred fifty thousand people in the whole district. We have many AIDS patients here, most of them are from Ivory Coast, a French/African border state which is an eight hour drive from where I work. Hospital work is fulfilling. I feel myself to be a wounded healer! Life here is extremely fulfilling. I live daily filled to the brim with gratefulness for what God has given me.

At School in Ghana

By Sr. Erlinda A. Macatol, RVM

I came to Ghana in 1982 through the invitation of Peter Kwasi Sarpong was for a long time very concerned about the number of girls especially from the poor homes who could no longer get access to the expensive Boarding School System in Ghana.

So I was given the job of Headmistress (High school Principal of a newly establish Day Secondary School for the Girls named Prince of Peace Girl’s Secondary School. This day school is also a vehicle for preparing possible candidate to the religious life. Prince of Peace then was established as the a Day Secondary School (just like our school in the Philippines where student go home to their respective families). At the moment, we have about thirty aspirants who wish to become Sisters recommended by their Parish Priest.

Journey to Asukoko

By Fr. Joseph D. Panabang, SVD

Ghana, West Africa

Red River
Last December, 1988, Patrick and I started our first missionary journey to Asukoko. “Asukoko” means red river. I jokingly asked my guide whether this red river had some connection with the Red Sea and he said emphatically, “Oh no, none at all.