What’s Out There?

By Richelle H. Verdeprado

This article is based on an interview with Tom Schumann, a filmmaker from Germany.

It was an endeavor that started with the idea of making something for children. It was an idea that had been positively bothering the filmmaker, Tom Schumann, one and a half years ago. It was that same desire to turn the idea into a reality that brought him back to the Philippines, this time with his wife Annett and four-year-old daughter Somi to do a documentary on children speaking with their hands.

What’s Out There?
What’s Out There?
Tom's family enjoying a visit at the Misyon office.

Tom’s first visit in the Philippines was in 1986, together with his father Uwe-Jens Schumann, his Mom and his brother. This visit was very significant for Tom because he first met a two-week-old girl who would later become his adopted sister. Due to the long adoption process it took six months and a number of trips to the Philippines before Tom’s parents could finally take her to Germany.

‘We Went To Follow The Star’

By Ma. Kristina Garraton Abella

The author is a college student at the University of St LaSalle, Bacolod City.

World Youth Day (WYD) is a pilgrimage of young people and a festival of encounter and solidarity. Young people from all over the world are invited to take up the main concern of the late Holy Father, Pope John Paul II: a renewal of evangelization that reaches out to the young. This enables the youth to experience a deeper sense of spirituality and community. I am grateful and happy that our new Holy Father, Benedict XVI has continued this tradition and came to meet us in Cologne.

‘We have come to worship Him’ was our theme. I was privileged to be one of the delegates from the Diocese of Bacolod, given the opportunity to discover the ‘young and modern mystery of the Church’ through the experience of pilgrimage, prayer, and worship.

Wüst Family From Germany

Dear Father Seán,

In our church community we say: ‘Guests are a blessing from God!’ We were very happy when we heard that two young people from the Philippines would stay in our house for five days. Our children Jasmin and Elisa had their school holidays and my wife and I took ours also. One of us went to every event of the ‘Days of Encounter at Limburg,’ with our ‘foster daughters’ from the Philippines. At all these events we felt the Spirit of God. It was wonderful! Together we sang spiritual songs, talked and prayed to God.  There was a great feeling of peace and harmony. We all felt as brothers and sisters. It was really wonderful.

World Youth Day Vigil Address

Pope Benedict XVI

This is the talk given by the Holy Father in Cologne, Germany, at the vigil on Saturday night, 20 August. It is believed that the relics of the Magi, ‘The Three Kings,’ are in Cologne Cathedral, hence the theme of WYD XX, ‘We have come to worship him’ (Mt 2:2). The Holy Father touches on the questions discussed by Cris Evert Berdin Lato in Our Hideaway.

Pope Benedict XVI

World Youth Day 2005

Cologne, Germany
August 15-21, 2005

‘We have come to worship him.’ (Mt 2:2)

World Youth Day is an international gathering of young Catholics from all over the world (young people from 177 countries come to WYD). For five days, in one city, you have the chance to meet Catholic young people in a festival of prayer, hope and hopefully fun!

If you want to find out more about your faith or maybe you want to meet with other young people to celebrate your faith, then World Youth Day is for you.

'Its A Small Church But It Contains The World'

By Sister Lourdes Fernandez MM 

Albania is a small country in South Eastern Europe known not only as the birthplace of the parents of the Blessed Mother Teresa but also because of its extraordinary history. The Albanian people and the Church suffered severe religious persecution under Communist rule. By the 1980s, albania had become the most isolated country in the world. In 1995, the Maryknoll Sisters found their way there. Here Sister Lourdes shares with us their experience in the land tha once was declared by Communist dictator Enver Hoxha as 'the world's first completely atheist state.‘

On May 1, 1995 the Catholic Church started activities in Pogradec,’ Veronika recalled, ‘and it brought happiness to my family.’ Veronika and four other young persons were baptized at Easter 1997 when Albania was in turmoil. ‘The darkness and ugliness of gunfire surrounded us but inside our hearts was a fire of joy and love,’ she said.

My First Christmas Away From Home

By Sr. Grace Gerong osf

Sr. Gerong knew long before that she had the calling.  However, as the eldest daughter, she helped her parents first in sending her younger brothers to school before she heeded God’s call. When she was ready to leave home, she packed her bag, she said goodbye to her supportive family, and joined the Sister of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration. She is now in Ople, Germany.

Sr. Grace Gerong osf