Brazil at First Glimpse

By: Fr. Boy Toledo

Volunteer Missionary
My name is Fr. Boy Toledo and I am a volunteer Missionary here is Salvador, Brazil. I have just arrived and joined Fr. Franck Pintac, also from Philippines we are both associate Columbans.

A first glimpse is always shallow but on the other hand a first glimpse has its own truth. So I share my first glimpse with you for what it is worth.

Death on the Streets

By Fr. Rudy Ramos, CICM


“Oh, he died?”
What do you think? He is there lying covered with news paper. And we policemen, what do you think we are supposed to do here?”
“Well, you are right. He is dead. Can I take a look?”
“For what? You might get scared…”
“No! No! I’ll not get scared.
Can I take a look?”

Back from the Grave

By Sr. Fidelis Abad Santos, SCMM
Filipino Missionary in Brazil

My Father Died
My father died when I was still very young. But the image he left with me is that of very honest and just man. He was a Justice of the Court of Appeals then. I remember seeing gifts being delivered to our house from people whom I gather were asking him for favor and he would returned. He refused to be bought.