Through The Mountains And The Seas

by Sister Alicia Alambra FMM

It was a call that scared me.  I did not know what awaited me and it meant giving up all my plans in thePhilippines. I was at that time working as Assistant to the Provincial Treasurer and doing chaplaincy to university students. But I was finally persuaded and hooked. It was April 1989 and my provincial was greatly worried that a missionary bound for Bolivia-Chile could not make it for health reasons. I volunteered to replace her and the great journey began in my life.

Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro SJ

By Sister Mariana Reyes HGS

Sister Mariana came to the Philippines in 2000. She is a member of the Hermanas Guadalupanas de la Salle founded in Mexico in 1946 by Brother Juan Fromental Coyroche, a De La Salle Brother from France. The Sisters follow the charism of St John Baptist De La Salle and are involved in the promotion of Christian Education. Their spirituality in the service of God inspires them to look to Our Lady of Guadalupe in her role as evangelizer of the people they serve. They arrived in the Philippines in 1984. Other countries in which they work include Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Madagascar, Peru and Thailand.

The Wisdom Of The Poor

By Francis B. Higdon MM

I met the young dad, about 22 years old, and his son, about four, around Christmas time while working in the Yata-Benecito river system in the Amazon watershed of Bolivia some years ago.  Since the mayor of the closest town had sent toys for the children, I used to occasion to make conversation with the little one.

“Now what did Papa Noel bring you for Christmas,” I asked. The boy looked up at me and then, hugging the multi-patched pant leg of his dad, put his finger in his mouth and glared at the ground. The father, seeing my sadness at having embarrassed his little one, spoke up: “You know what the mayor tried to give my son? A gun! A little old plastic pistol! Can you imagine giving a son a pistol for a toy? I never want my child to think of a gun as a toy. Later it would be all right with him to shoot somebody just for fun. I threw that thing in the river as soon as he came home with it.”

Cowboy priest

I immediately thought of myself as a five-year-old growing up in Kentucky.  I always wanted to be a priest, but a cowboy priest.  At that age I strutted around with my toy pistols, imitating Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.  I loved western movies.  We would think nothing of somebody getting thrown off his horse and rolling over into the rocks or bushes, or being trampled under a herd of horses or cattle – especially if they were “injuns”.  We often played cowboys and Indians in the woods behind the fields of our farm.  Little did I realize how my mind was being conditioned for violence.

Viva Bolivia

By Sr. Socorro Gumnad, mic

Filipino Sister Socorro Gumnad, mic is a happy to accompany a delegation of 90 Bolivians to a huge mission congress in Brazil. This congress took place in Belo Horizonte. In the photos we learn about the congress and how it helped to animate and encourage mission awareness especially the Basic Christian Communities. Two thousands seven hundred delegates from 41 countries gathered to discuss the role of Latin America in the missionary activity of our Church.

Viva Bolovia

By Sr. Socorro Gumnad, MIC

Here are some of the photos taken during our National Teachers Day in Bolivia.

I am with two Grade 1 students and the mother of the girl dressed in black at the gate of the rural school. The boy wearing his apron at my right came to tell me tat he is participating in the acto civixo program to honor the teachers. All primary students wear apron in school.

In the Heart of Bolivia

By: Sr. Victoria Lerin, FMM

Bolivia, the heart of Latin America is very rich in culture like every country. The northern part of Bolivia is called Pando where I am working with a population of 40,000 people of which ninety percent are Catholic.

Rediscovering Who are You

By: Sr. Victoria C. Lerin, FMM

Sr. Victoria tells us the difficulties of adopting to a new culture and how it means rediscovering who you yourself are...

Jungle Mission
My name is Sr. Victoria Lerin, I am a sister of the Marcesa Sisters working in Bolivia in Latin America.
We are four sisters here, two Spanish, a Brazilian and myself a Filipina. We Collaborate in the work of the Parish administers, the Maryknoll Fathers. As of now, we have only one Priest, so formation lay leaders helps a lot in our pastoral work and we can reach even the farthest communities in the midst of the jungles which is the main concern of the Parish. [I always believe that the God of Israel is the same God of Today who is one with His people in their struggle to live as Christians].