Europe, Pagan?

Challenge for the Church today

By Hector Pascua

An eight –year-old child opted to stay after the afternoon’s religion class. She approached me as I was packing my things. “Hector, do children in the Philippines have religion classes, too?” she asked me. “Of course, they do. Like you, they are also preparing themselves for the First Holy Communion,” I answered back.

It is wonderful to belong to the Church

By Hector Pascua

Last Pentecost Sunday, 40 youth in our parish received the Sacrament of Confirmation. The preparation for this big event lasted for six months. Every week the youth gathered in the parish hall in four groups to discuss topics related to the Catholic faith. Every group had its own leader who was responsible for the group and acted as teacher. This year, three lay leasers m who took a religion course offered by the Diocese of Vienna, volunteered to lead each group. I myself took the fourth group composed of ten youths. .I designed a catechism booklet for the preparation with 10 chapters covering themes such as: Confirmation, church, Jesus, Faith, Eucharist, Mission, Christian Living, Reconciliation, Celebration pf the Sacrament.

Return to the Early Church

By Hector Pascua

This is am extraordinary and beautiful story of how a young Filipino lay theologian is administering a parish in Austria. It opens up what a wonderful role awaits the Filipino Church on the day we wake up and hear the call.

I am Hector Pascua, journalist and theologian, working in a parish in Austria. The Diocese of Vienna assigned me to a parish where there is no priest. Presently I am working in the publication of the first bi-monthly magazine for the Filipinos in Austria called Mabuhay ang Filipino.