Among The Stars

By Sr M. Elena Dioneda FMM

Death, when it comes, is always sobering, more so when it comes and takes the young.  When it comes knocking, we can’t help but ask at times, ‘How could God allow such a young person to die . . . a nineteen-year-old man full of potential, talents and gifts?’ Sister Elena asks this same question and finds an answer of sorts in the belief that something greater was in store for him . . .

A Taste Of The Desert

By Little Sister Cecilia-Grace Eco

Little Sister Cecilia-Grace LSJ is on a time of renewal,  part of which she spent in the Sahara Desert in Béni Abbès, Algeria, where Blessed Charles de Foucauld lived from 1901 until 1905. Little Sister Magdeleine of Jesus, a French woman who had read the life and writings of Brother Charles, founded the Little Sisters in 1939. You may learn more about them at (Click here)

LSr Cecilia (standing)  helps prepare Algerian tea

French Monk Forgave Future Algerian Killer In Letter To God

The family of Christian de Cherge, one of the seven French Trappist monks killed by Algerian terrorist in 1996, released his last testament, a Dieu (To God), “to be opened in the event of my death.” Some extracts taken from the translation by the monks at mount Bernard Abbey, Coalville, Leicester are given below.

If it should happen one day- and it could be today- that I become a victim of terrorism... I would like my community, my church, my family, to remember that my life was given to God and this country.

I ask them to be able to associate such a death with many other deaths which were just as violent but forgotten through indifference and anonymity. My life has no more value than any other. Nor any less value.