Sr Ma Adoracion de los Santos DC

Letter To Luzia

Dear Luzia,

 Greetings from St Vincent de Paul Mission Liukui Taiwan!

 Thank you so much for giving time to read my reflection on the March/April issue of Misyon.  That was my sharing on the occasion of my Silver Jubilee.

  Your letter is very interesting.  Thanks for being so open to share your thoughts and feelings regarding my reflection.  Yes, God’s movements in the lives of people is a mystery, and a mystery, sometimes will confuse you, if your thoughts and feelings are ‘focused’ in the confusion itself.  But if you are open to it, you inquire, you search, you ask, just as what you did, then you will find the answers to your questions, and you will be at peace and will feel happy about the confusing issue, isn’t it?  I don’t know if I make sense to you. What I mean is “Be happy and thankful with what God has given you.”  or “Be thankful with what you are because life itself is a free gift to us. Remind you, that God is love, he loves us despite our sinfulness. Don’t think that God punished us, because we are bad, or we are not doing well in school or at home.  What he wants us to do is to acknowledge our failures and shortcomings, be sorry for them and try to change to be a better person.

Assignment Taiwan

By: Sr. Adoracion de los Santos, DC

Sr. Adoracion de los Santos, a Daughter of Charity has been missioned in Taiwan for more than 12 years. Her first assignment was in a small Parish in Southern Taiwan. She did nit stay long in this parish because she was then preparing for her language studies. However short the time was, she still learned many good things from the simple people whom she worked with.