Fr Seán Coyle SSC

By Fr Seán Coyle

Co-founders Fr Edward Galvin and Fr John Blowick (seated) with Fr Owen McPolin, China 1920

On Sunday 9 October this year 31 priests and 16 lay missionaries went to Tagaytay City for a two-week meeting of Columbans under the age of 50. Among them was our Superior General, Fr Kevin O’Neill, who in a recent letter wrote: On 9 October 1916, in a ground-floor room of the main college building at Maynooth [St Patrick's College, the National Seminary of Ireland], the 28-year-old Fr John Blowick had the nerve to face the Standing Committee of the Irish Bishops and to present his and Fr Edward Galvin’s scheme for a new mission. After about half an hour’s talk with the bishops, [Michael] Cardinal Logue [Archbishop of Armagh] said that they were prepared to grant their approval for the two things Blowick requested, namely, the making of a collection in the country and the foundation of a Mission College in Ireland.

‘He is risen, as he said, Alleluia’

Natanuku catechist with grandchild in front of collapsed bure

‘We have to care in a special way for children and for grandparents. Children and young people are the future; they are our strength; they are what keep us moving forward. They are the ones in whom we put our hope. Grandparents are a family’s memory. They are the ones who gave us the faith, they passed the faith on to us.’

Attorney Francisco B. Cruz

‘A light in the darkness during those Martial Law years’

By Fr Seán Coyle

Attorney Francisco B. Cruz, Knight of St Sylvester

(8 July 1931 – 18 October 2015)

This article is an edited version of a letter published in The Visayan Daily Star on 23 October 2015.

On 18 October 2015 a great human being and outstanding Christian died in Bacolod City, Attorney Francisco B. Cruz, on the eve of the sixth anniversary of his receiving the City’s Banwahanon Award.

By Fr Seán Coyle


Minister Bhatti, you forgot one question in the interview. Your life is threatened by whom and what sort of threats are you receiving?

Minister Bhatti, you forgot one question in the interview. Your life is threatened by who and what sort of threats are you receiving?

The forces of violence, militant banned organizations, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda, they want to impose their radical philosophy on Pakistan. And whoever stands against their radical philosophy that threatens them, when I’m leading this campaign against the Sharia Law, for the abolishment of (the) Blasphemy Law, and speaking for the oppressed and marginalized, persecuted Christian and other minorities, these Taliban threaten me.